Misaki LEFTY 6″ Left Handed Styling Shears

  • Type – Cutting shears
  • Manufacturer – Misaki
  • Material – Japanese SUS 440C stainless steel
  • Blade style – Convex hollow ground blades
  • Length – 6.0 inches
  • Weight – 3.8 ounces
  • Design – Polished silver, turquoise color tension adjustment screw and finger rest, blue finger sizing rings with silver color glitter, crane handle with curved shin
  • Tension – Adjustable
  • Finger rest – Removable
  • Storage case – Comes with synthetic leather storage case
  • Grip – Removable rubber finger inserts
  • Other features – Specifically for left-handers, crane handle
  • Included in set – Cutting shears, synthetic leather storage case
  • Target group – Professionals
  • Cutting techniques – Slice / chip / point / blunt


Misaki is a company which manufactures hair cutting scissors, using Japanese stainless steel, Damascus steel, SUS440C stainless steel, cobalt and many other high quality materials. Their production goes from standard to high quality, depending on demands of their customers.


These Misaki LEFTY 6” Left Handed Styling shears are made, using Japanese SUS 440C stainless steel which is known as high quality material that ensures durability and thus longevity of shears. As they have convex hollow ground blades they provide extra sharp, smooth and accurate cuts. These Misaki scissors are 6 inches long and 3.8 ounces lightweight. It is important to mention, that they have tension adjustment system which allows to set desired cutting tension. They also have removable finger rest which enhances stability and comfort during cutting. Another useful feature of this Misaki product is removable rubber finger inserts which allow to adjust the size of finger holes for individual needs and wants to improve fit and comfort. Other features of these hair cutting shears are crane handle which improves work ergonomics, preventing distress of fingers and hands, thereby preventing occupational diseases, as well as design which is specifically adapted for left-handers. These Misaki hair scissors come with black synthetic leather storage case, so they can be moved safely and comfortably without worrying about injuring oneself or damaging shears.


Considering that these Misaki hair cutting shears are made from stainless steel, they are silver color with mirror sheen. They also have turquoise color tension adjustment screw and finger rest which are contrasting with silver color surface, adding colorful and stylish accents. Their finger sizing rings are made from rubber and they are blue with silver color glitter. Another feature of these Misaki hair shears is crane handle with curved shin which not only functions as stress remover, but also adds interesting style. They also have Misaki name and logo on blades.


These professional grade hair cutting shears are meant for performing of different, standard and advanced hair cutting techniques, for example, slicing, chipping, pointing, as well as blunting. This Misaki product is a great choice for all hairdressing professionals.


  • They have possibility to adjust the tension;
  • Their finger rest is removable;
  • They come with removable finger sizing rings;
  • They come with synthetic leather storage case;
  • They have crane handle;
  • They are specifically adapted for left-handers;


  • They may be uncomfortable to use for some hairdressers;


These Misaki LEFTY 6” Left Handed Styling shears are made from Japanese SUS 440C stainless steel. Both of their blades are convex hollow ground blades. Their length is 6 inches, but their weight is 3.8 ounces. Design of this Misaki product is characterized by silver color surface with mirror sheen, turquoise color tension adjustment screw and finger rest, blue finger sizing rings with silver color glitter, as well as crane handle with curved shin. These hair cutting shears have features such as crane handle, tension adjustment system, removable finger rest and removable finger sizing rings. They are also specifically adapted for those who are left hand oriented. These Misaki Lefty shears come with black synthetic leather storage case. Every professional barber will be able to slice, chip, point and blunt the hair with these Misaki hair cutting scissors.

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    Wow Great news for left handed styling persons. I really like this information about it. These shears are really very awesome and very useful for us. Thanks for sharing this article here about it.

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