Ideas for Winter Formal Hairstyles

There are various hairstyles for winter formal events that can be used, so much so that if anyone tells you there are some strict rules to winter formal hairstyles, you can just freely ignore them. There are so many cultural and lifestyle differences in the Western world today that pretty much anything goes in terms of aesthetics, not to mention the wide range of events that can be classified as “formal”.

Still, what’s typically meant about formal winter hairstyles are hairstyles for high necked dresses and Christmas updo hairstyles. The reason for that is that in the winter people usually want to wear high-necked dresses and coats, scarves around their necks, as well as protective hats – all of those are easier and more practical to wear if you have an updo hairstyle.

So, what are some examples you can go with for your next Christmas office party or another formal winter event?

The ballerina bun

This hairstyle works very well with hair extensions, regardless of whether they match your hair’s natural color or not. Just pick your hair up in a very high bun, pin it into place, and spray it with a medium-strength hairspray. Avoid too strong products as you don’t want your hair to look wet. After that, just wrap your hair extensions around the base of the bun, twisting them along the way and pinning them in place.

The French twist

A sophisticated yet timeless look, the French twist is a tried and trusted hairstyle that a lot of young girls and women ignore. First, part your hair on the side. Then, hold the hair in the middle of the back of your head and roll it either to the left or to the right. Then, simply pin it in place. Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy – which it will – that’s actually the intended look of this hairstyle.

The Fanned out bun

This untraditional low bun is both easy to do and quite eye-catching. The way it’s done isn’t by twisting your hair but by rolling it and folding it from the edges toward the back of your head. Once you’ve rolled it into a bun, simply pin it into place. Also, note that this works better with a day-old, not-too-moist, and even slightly dirty hair as freshly washed hair will just slide off.

The decorated sock bun

Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with a traditional sock bun – to the contrary. A nice and tight high sock bun is excellent for any winter formal event as it allows you to decorate your bun and hair however you like to match your outfit’s style. Because sock buns hold the rest of your hair so tightly to your head you can add all kinds of diadems and other types of decorations to this hairstyle.

The partly undone tousled braid

Similarly to the French twist, a tousled braid is a formal hairstyle that’s meant to be on the edge of being informal. You can achieve that look by simply scrunching your hair with a light hair scrum or a sea salt spray, pull it into a loose ponytail, and just braid it half-way through. Then just pin the braid into a bun and pull out a couple of strands around your face to make it look more tousled. All types of flowery decorations look very well on this hairstyle, especially at the end of winter when people start to feel the incoming spring.

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