Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro Haircut Kit

  • Type – Hair clipper
  • Manufacturer – WAHL
  • Material – High-carbon steel / plastic
  • Blade style – Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades
  • Teeth – 21 teeth on one blade and 28 teeth on other blade
  • Weight – 28.8 ounces (total)
  • Design – Black / white / blue plastic corps, silver color blades, colorful keys, colorful guide combs
  • Tension – Adjustable
  • Storage case – Comes with handled storage case
  • Grip – Soft touch grip for comfort and control
  • Other features – Color coded guide combs, color coded keys, self-sharpening blades, suitable only for USA electrical outlets
  • Included in set – Electric hair clipper, blade guard, 11 colored guide combs, barber comb, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, English / Spanish instructions / styling guide, storage case
  • Target group – Students
  • Cutting techniques – Cutting
  • 5 year warranty


Since the year 1919 Wahl Cipper Corporation has been the leader in the category of professional and home hairdressing, manufacturing such products as clippers, trimmers, shavers, combo kits, pain relief products and products for pets such as clippers and trimmers, brushes and combs, nail clippers and wet goods. Today Wahl products are sold in approximately 165 countries all over the world, employing about 3300 workers worldwide.


This Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit includes 20 pieces of tools for complete and perfect haircuts at home. Wahl hair clipper has 11 color coded guide combs which help to remember everyone’s favorite hair length between cuttings and help to achieve variety of lengths and haircuts. It also has corresponding color coded keys which help to choose the correct comb to the right setting. In one word, these colorful combs and keys make it quick and easy to find the necessary comb and setting unlike regular clippers. Another feature of this product is self-sharpening blades which are made of high-carbon steel, ensuring sharpness for longer time. This Wahl hair clipper is equipped with heavy duty motor which provides exceptional power for smooth cutting through all hair types. It also features soft touch grip which provides not only comfort, but also control which is needed for precise and smooth cutting. This hair clipper has adjustable taper lever which ensures customized cutting lengths and easy blending. It should be mentioned, that this electric clipper is made only for USA electrical outlets, therefore, they are not suitable for international use.


This Wahl electric hair clipper has plastic corps which is painted black, white and blue, but its blades are silver color as they are made of high-carbon steel. It has 8 colorful keys and guide combs – light blue for 1” length, green for 7/8” length, violet for 3/4” length, yellow for 5/8” length, orange for 1/2” length, blue for 3/8” length, purple for 1/4” length, red for 1/8” length. Both black guide combs are meant for hair cutting around right and left ear. It also has Wahl name on corps top.


This Wahl product is perfectly suitable for hair cutting at home, reaching professional results just like in barbershop. As this clipper comes with full set of tools and accessories, providing 11 color coded guide combs for all possible hair lengths, you can forget about going to barbershops and start to cut your hair at home just as professionally as in salons.


  • Clipper has self-sharpening blades;
  • Clipper has concerted colorful keys and guide combs;
  • Clipper has adjustable taper lever;
  • Clipper has 5 year warranty;
  • Set comes in handled storage case;
  • Set includes 8 guide combs for 8 different hair lengths;
  • Set includes 20 different pieces of hairdressing tools and accessories;
  • Set is more suitable for usage at home and by amateurs;


  • Clipper is suitable only for USA electric outlets;
  • Clipper runs quite loudly;
  • Clipper is not really suitable for head shaving;
  • Other things in set may have poor quality;


This Wahl 79300 – 400 Color Pro Haircut Kit includes electric hair clipper which has plastic corps and high-carbon steel, self-sharpening blades for durability and longer sharpness. A special feature of this hair clipper is colorful keys and colorful guide combs to quick and easy find necessary comb and setting. Adjustable taper lever provides easy blending and customized cutting lengths, heavy duty motor ensures exceptional power for smooth cutting through all hair types, but soft touch grip provides comfort and control. This Wahl haircut set includes such pieces as electric hair clipper, blade guard, 11 colored guide combs, barber comb, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, English / Spanish instructions / styling guide and storage case. This Wahl product is great for usage at home, achieving professional quality results. It should be mentioned, that this hair clipper has 5 year warranty and it is suitable only for USA electrical outlets.

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