Short Hairstyles for Women

Top 10 Short Hairstyles for Women

These days, women have the luxury of choice when it comes to their hair. Long hair is timeless when it comes to the fashion stakes and you can’t really go wrong as long as you look after it. However, short hair is also very trendy these days, and there are some great short hairstyles for women to choose from.

With short hairstyles, you can create all sorts of looks from edgy and rebellious through to elegant and sleek. This is why short haircuts for women are so popular as well as being extremely versatile.

Ten of the best short styles

If you are looking for the best short hairstyles for women for this season, here are some of the top ones to consider:

1. Classic bob: The classic bob never goes out of fashion. It can look slick, sleek, stylish, and sexy. If you have straight hair, use a rounded brush to curl the bottom of your hair inwards. Alternatively, you can go for a straight edge on your bob, which looks very sharp and almost futuristic.

2. Pixie cut: For a cheeky little elfish look, you can go for the pixie cut. This is a delightful hairstyle that looks great if you have quite a small face. This cut is shaved at the sides with thick strands sweeping across the front and a spiky, tousled look on top.

3. Soft waves: For those with chin length hair, soft waves with hair slicked back at the front can look great. This is a great look for the summer and combines casual trendiness with a slick, stylish finish.

4. Curled bob: For a modern take on the classic bob, a curled bob is a great choice. This is a little more casual and less severe than the traditional one. You still keep the sharp fringe at the front but have the rest of your hair wavy or curly.

5. Side sweep: For those with short hair at the back and longer hair at the front, a side sweep is a very fashionable choice. This is a look at is edgy yet sleek all at the same time. You should have your hair side-parted and sweep the longer front across to one side.

6. Tousled look: Whether you have very short or chin length hair, a tousled look is great for casual occasions. It is also easy to achieve with the right hair products. It is also a great choice for those with curly or wavy shorter hair.

7. Complete crop: If you really want your hair to scream ‘edgy’ then a complete crop could be ideal for you. This is best for those with smaller, rounded faces and can look even better if you use a vibrant color on it to make it stand out all the more.

8. The retro look: Another great style for those with chin-length hair is the retro look. Simple part the hair to the side. On the side with less hair, use a clip to sweep it back and pin it to the side. With the side that has more hair, create some soft waves with the front swept away from the face.

9. Sleek center part: This style is great for short and chin length hair. It is best on straight hair, as this can help to achieve a really sleek finish. Simply centre part the hair, get it as straight as you can at the side, and sweep the sides behind the ears. You can also pin the side back if you want to ensure they stay in place.

10. Feathered style: Getting some feathered layers put into shorter hair can create a really edgy, bold look. This is great on chin or shoulder-length hair and helps to create volume and shape.

So, if you want to sport a stylish, short, and slick hairstyle this season, consider some of the great options above.

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