Thinning Out Hair: What You Need to Know

Getting hair thinned out is a complicated and a bit controversial topic. So, if you’re wondering “Should I get my hair thinned and how?” we’ll go over the specifics below.

Is thinning your hair bad?

Thinning out your hair isn’t strictly bad but it’s generally ill-advised. While it can end up looking and feeling good depending on your hair’s texture and the expertise of your hairstylist, very often it results in split ends, uneven and unappealing hairstyle, an unhealthy look and feel, as well as a very unmanageable, grow back and painfully long period.

Thinning out hair pros and cons


  • Properly thinned, your hair can become easier to wash and easier to style.
  • Depending on your hair’s texture, it can look very different when thinned out. This can often be bad but in some cases, the result can look quite good and refreshing.
  • Thinner hair is lighter and easier to live with, in the heat of the summer.


  • It probably won’t look like you expect it to. Depending on your hair’s texture, it might end up looking damaged and misshapen even if the whole process is done adequately. Generally, curly hair doesn’t look too bad when it’s thinned out while straight hair looks worse. But there’s no guarantee until you try it.
  • Styling can become harder too. This isn’t a set rule either as it also depends on your hair’s texture. But keep in mind that styling your hair can become much more complicated after you thin it out.
  • Thin hair needs to be washed more regularly. Washing thick hair is annoying but it needs to be done less often too. So, get ready for some extra trips to the bath.
  • Over-thinning, especially with razoring, can make your roots look bulkier and your ends – split and frizzy.
  • Growing your thick hair back takes a long time. If you don’t like your thinned-out look and you want your thick and long hair back, it can take months and years to fully restore its original look – pretty much as if you’d cut it short.

How to thin out your hair?

The first and most crucial step is to find the absolute best hairstylist in your area. Thinning out hair is a complicated procedure that requires an experienced set of hands. Such a professional should also be able to warn you if the procedure isn’t advisable for your particular hair texture.

Aside from that, if your hair is suitable for thinning out and the hairstylist is handy with the thinning shears the end result might be good.

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