How to Properly Use Hair Thinning Shears

You have probably heard of thinning shears. These hair tools have a scissor-like appearance. They are used to make your hair look its best. But wait! You need to be careful when using these tools. Improper use of thinning shears could mean disaster for your hair.

Do you use (or want to use) thinning shears in your barbershop or salon? Do you use them at home to make things easier for you? For your children? For your household?

Before breaking out your shiny new thinning shears, it is a good idea to learn how to use them properly. That’s why we are here to help!

How Do You Use Thinning Shears?

  • If your hair is thin or delicate, it will NOT need thinning. Thinning is not good for those kinds of hair! Thinning shears are great for thick and curly hair. When used the right way, thinning shears add texture to your hair and blend your layers.
  • Never use thinning shears on wet hair. You must always keep this in mind. Thinning shears are not meant to be used on wet hair. So, if you have just had a shower or a swim, you should not use thinning shears on your hair. Even if you need to style it for a party immediately, make sure you dry your hair first!
  • Brush or comb your hair before thinning. You need to straighten your hair if it is curly. Brush or comb your hair very well. If some sections are tangled, comb out the tangles. This will help you know which sections of your hair need thinning. Do not use thinning shears on curled or tangled hair. If you do, you will remove more than you need to.
  • Use thinning shears in sections. The proper use of thinning shears requires you to thin out your hair in parts. You should start by thinning minimal units of hair. Then wait and see if you need to thin it out any more. If necessary, gradually increase the amount of hair to be thinned out. This gradual increment will help you avoid removing more hair than intended. Do not make this a routine, though. You should plan on doing this quarterly or twice a year at most.

How to Thin Your Hair

Place small strands of your hair within the blades of the thinning shears. Make sure the blades of the hair thinning shears are not close to the roots of your hair or your scalp. The blades should be at least 3 inches (7.6 cm) away from your scalp. Gently move the blades down your hair shaft to the tip. Use a comb to remove any cut hairs from the section after you have finished thinning. You might have to repeat the process on the same section of hair. This will depend on the length and thickness of your hair.


Thinning shears are good for your hair when they are used the right way. The problem with thinning shears arises when they are used too often.

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