What You Need to Know About Hair Extensions?

Summer is here, and almost every woman wants soft and flowing curls which excellently complements bright wardrobe of summer as well as our image on the beach. But what to do when the nature has not given you the long and healthy hair, and also regrowing is not going as well as you would want to? In situations like these hair extensions can help. As hair extensions are not like natural hair, they have to be treated specifically. See following tips, and your hair extensions will be as beautiful and nice as natural hair or even better.

The glue, which is used in the extension process, can melt

If your hair is extended with the technology of gluing, take into account that the glue which is used in the extension process can melt and secede, gluing your hair. Of course, if the hair is extended by the professional and are treated right, situations like these are rare but possible.

You have to cut the extended hair

No matter whether you have chosen the hair extensions or clip-in method, you have to cut the hair. Do not be afraid to go to your hairdresser and ask for the haircut, which you would love and which would complement your appearance. After the cutting your hair will be easier to take care of, and it will look better and more natural.

Pay special attention attention to care

Hair extensions need more careful care than natural hair. To prevent split ends, do not forget about usage of masks and serums, and remember to protect your hair from the sun.

Dry you hair naturally

Any type of hair extension damages our natural hair, therefore try to preserve them as much as possible. Instead of using hairdryer let your hair dry naturally, then style them and do not forget about the usage of protection.

It is possible to adjust clip-in hair

To give your hair a natural look, do not be afraid to adjust your clip-in hair to your needs and wants. You can cut strands finely or strengthen bows by sewing them to the hair tresses.

Do not allow unprofessional to extend the hair

Taking into account that hair extension is quite expensive investment, do not allow some unprofessional to damage the effect. Find a professional which will do its job qualitatively and profesionally.

Do not forget about your lifestyle

Extending the hair, it is important to do it so that compounds with artificial hair would not be seen. Inform your hairdresser about your favourite haircuts, hairstyles, hair accessories and everyday activities in order the hairdresser can change the places where strands are attached.

Be careful with the choice of hair colour

It is possible to dye the hair extensions, but bleaching will damage them permanently. To avoid that, use lightly tinting dyes if you need to dye your hair in a little bit darker colour.

It is forbidden to heat the synthetic hair

If you have so called clip-in hair, do not style them with hair straighteners, hair curlers, and other hot styling tools.

Hair extensions have shorter life

Hair extensions have to be treated specially, regularly carrying their prophylaxis. Desired period between prophylaxes is two months, and, as specialists say, the lifetime of hair extensions usually is approximately 8 months.

It is forbidden to wash the synthetic hair

Remember that clip-in hair are not meant for washing. Their structure becomes dry and fluffy, and the hair knots.

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