Mac 5.5″ Hair Cutting Shears

  • Type – Cutting shears
  • Manufacturer – MAC
  • Material – Japanese stainless steel with titanium coat
  • Blade style – Convex hollow ground blades
  • Length – 5.5 inches both
  • Weight – 4.8 pounds (total)
  • Design – Design – Blue titanium coat, blue finger sizing rings with silver color glitter, curved shins
  • Tension – Adjustable
  • Finger rest – Removable
  • Storage case – Comes with synthetic leather storage case
  • Grip – Removable rubber finger inserts
  • Other features – Cushioned stopper / silencer
  • Included in set – Cutting shears, synthetic leather storage case
  • Target group – Professionals / students
  • Cutting techniques – Slice / chip / point / blunt


MAC which means “Make-up Art Cosmetic” is a company which is founded in the year 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo with the cooperation of chemist Vic Casale. MAC’s production was initially aimed at professional make-up artists, but now it is sold to all make-up enthusiasts all over the world. MAC’s production includes make-up, skincare products, brushes and tools, fragrances and different gift sets.


These MAC hair cutting shears are made of Japanese stainless steel and are coated with blue titanium coat which not only improves durability and longevity of product, but also adds unique and stylish look. Both of their blades are convex hollow ground blades with razor-sharp edges which ensure smooth, precise, fast and easy hair cutting. The length of these hair scissors is 5.5 inches, the length of their blades is 2.5 inches, but the weight of them is 4.8 ounces. These MAC hair cutting scissors have a screw which allows to adjust desired tension of shears. This product has removable finger rest for better ergonomics, therefore, if there is a need, it can be removed. Another element which is removable is rubber finger sizing rings which ensure fit and comfort for any barber. Other feature of these MAC’s shears is cushioned stopper or, in other words, silencer which provide stable and silent hair cutting. It should be mentioned, that this MAC product comes with black synthetic leather case which protects shears, thereby preventing accidents.


These Japanese stainless steel scissors are coated with blue titanium, so they are blue with chameleon-type sheen. Also their rubber finger sizing rings are blue with silver color glitter. Another design element of these MAC’s scissors is curved shins which add style and elegance.


This MAC’s product has high quality, but at the same time its price is affordable, therefore, both professional hairdressers and hair cutting students can afford it and use it in hair salons or at home. These hair scissors will be great for such hair cutting techniques as slicing, chipping, pointing, as well as blunting.


  • They have titanium coat;
  • They have tension adjustment screw;
  • Their finger rest is removable;
  • They have removable finger sizing rings;
  • They come with synthetic leather storage case;


  • They may not be comfortable to use;


These MAC’s Professional Hair Cutting Shears 2038 are made of Japanese stainless steel and are coated with blue titanium coat. They have convex hollow ground blades. The total length of these shears is 5.5 inches, but their blades are only 2.5 inches long. Their weight is 4.8 ounces. A design of these MAC’s hair cutting scissors can be characterized by blue titanium coat, blue finger sizing rings with silver color glitter, as well as curved shins. This product has tension adjustment screw, removable finger rest, removable finger inserts and cushioned stopper / silencer. It should be mentioned, that they come with black synthetic leather storage case. As these hair shears have high quality and relatively low price, they are suitable both for professionals and amateurs.

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