How to Make a Glitter Beard?

For the longest time glitter and beards were just not two things that used to go well together. Well, at least not outside of the drag queen world. For a lot of men, their beard was meant as a symbol for their masculinity, as something sacred almost. A glitter beard how-to article twenty years ago would have been met quite differently than it’d be today.

Fortunately, times change. A lot of men today are secure enough in their manliness to know that figuring out how to make a glitter beard and then doing so is nothing more than just fun, especially during the holiday season. It is fun both while you’re among your friends, as well as while doing it – that’s the nature of glitter, after all.

So, how to do a glitter beard, exactly? Do you just throw several handfuls of glitter at your face and see how much of it sticks? You could but there are a couple of clever steps you could also take along the way to ensure success. Let’s go over them.

How to glitter beard your full, bushy beard?

Let’s start with the best option – having an awesome, full, and bushy beard, and littering it with glitter. A truly effective combo, if done well this can easily turn you into the center of any party. It takes just several steps too:

  1. Apply beard oil or some hair gel before you start. If you have a full beard you should have some beard oil lying around anyway. Aside from its standard benefits, the beard oil will also act as an adhesive.
  2. Carefully apply the glitter with your hands. Make sure that you’re only covering the beard not the skin around it – you want to look spectacular, not messy.
  3. If you want more depth, it might be a good idea to add a second layer of glitter with a different color. Don’t just mix two colors – add one below and one above.
  4. Carefully shake off any excess beard glitter – if it falls easily than it doesn’t belong in the final stage.
  5. Apply hair spray on top of the glitter to keep it into place.

How to glitter beard a close-shaven beard?

Beard glitter doesn’t work only on big and bushy beards – it can also look quite well on close shaves. It makes for a much different look, of course, but it’s still rather spectacular. Here’s what you’d want to do if you are closely shaven:

  1. Pick an eyeshadow color that matches what you want to achieve. This eyeshadow will act as the base color for what you’re about to do. Simply push the pigment into your beard as well as possible.
  2. Next, get a children’s school glue stick and distribute the glue evenly on top of the eyeshadow. You’ll want to do this carefully and evenly. You should also do this step by step as the glue will dry off pretty quickly.
  3. Press the glitter onto the glue as well but also as quickly as you can. Apply the glue and the glitter one section of your beard at a time and not all at once.
  4. Once you’ve carefully covered your entire beard with glitter, carefully shake off any excess glitter and apply hair spray after that.

How to use glitter if you are cleanly shaved?

So, what can you do if you don’t have a beard? Well, grow one, of course!

Even if that’s not an option, however, you can still have some fun with beard glitter. Here’s how:

  1. Use some primer to “prime” the fake beard area on your face.
  2. Use lipstick or a cream-based eyeshadow pencil and map out your fake beard area.
  3. Use a children’s school glue stick in the area. Do it quickly but also one part at a time as the glue will likely dry off rapidly.
  4. Apply the glitter on top of the glue. Use as much glitter as you want. You won’t need to use hair spray afterward.

What preparations do you need to do before you glitter your beard?

Like any other time when glitter is involved, it pays to be careful when you work. If you’ve ever been glitter bombed, you know how out of control it can get. So, here are some safety steps you might want to take before you start:

  • Wash, conditioner, and comb your beard properly before you start. This may sound like a no-brainer – after all, you should always do this before you apply beard oil. Given how many men skip this step, however, it’s definitely worth mentioning.
  • If you want, trim and shape your beard into something more special first. After all, if you’re going to glitter your beard, we’d guess that you’re probably doing it for Christmas or some other holiday. If that’s the case, why not spice things up a little further with a weird beard shape? Or, at the very least, trim your bushy beauty well.
  • Cover yourself with something. Anything like a simple cape, a blanket, or a bedsheet can work – you just really don’t want the glitter going to other places aside from your beard.
  • Consider doing the whole procedure outdoors, as long as you’re sure there’s no wind. This will further ensure that you won’t get glitter all over your home.

Are there any beard glitter kits you can use?

Indeed there are. That, in a way, says plenty about how popular beard glitters have been in recent years too. As for their effectiveness, beard glitter kits typically include all the items we’ve mentioned above – beard oils, a hair spray, the glitter itself, and sometimes glue, depending on the particular kit.

All these are items that you’d typically have at home – the beard oil, in particular, is something we definitively hope you have and use if you have a nice, full bushy beard. If you like any of these items, however, say, a hair spray, for example, getting a nice beard glitter kit for the holidays can be a good idea.

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