Haircut Ideas for Little Girls

Little girl haircuts can be either a lot of fun or a nightmare, depending on how you go about it. If you manage to make the whole thing fun for both you and your daughter then doing her haircuts can be a treasured experience for both of you.

What haircuts should you go for, however? Here are some ideas, including some short haircuts for little girls, some toddler girl haircuts, and a few others.

A clean bob haircut

A simple and classic look for medium or short hair, the clean bob is cute and easy to make. It can also be made a bit angled, inverted or textured if you want a fresher look or it can be spiced up with a colored strip of hair down one side of the head. A messy bob can also give a more “wild” look than the clean bob.

A choppy medium-length lob

A lot of girls with long and straight hair don’t want it cut as they want to avoid the typical “little girl haircut” such as most shorter bobs. A nice and bouncy lob that’s of medium length and sits just below their shoulders can quickly ease their minds, however, as it’s both playful and pretty, and it’s of a much more manageable length while still not being too short.

Medium-long layers

Any girl with at least medium-length hair that’s also thick and coarse looks awesome with a layered hairstyle. You can add shorter or longer bangs, as well as subtle highlights to further make this hairstyle more lively and fun.

A colorful pixie

For a really short alternative, the pixie cut is a lot of fun for both you and your girl. It’s pretty, it’s very short and easy to manage, and it looks very playful and eye-catching. It also looks even better with a few streaks of blue, purple or pink down the side to help your girl feel even wilder.

Long wavy curls

Young girls with typically straight hair love curled hairstyles as they feel so different and playful. If your little girl wants to switch things up without cutting off her locks, this is a great alternative without any long-term commitment. Use only safe and low-temperature methods for curling your girl’s hair of course – children’s hair is much softer and more delicate, plus – burning off your child’s hair will likely ruin the whole thing for a long time.

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