Festival Hairstyles and Tips

Summer is for music festivals and music festivals are for summer hairstyles. It is that simple. And the best hairstyles are the most simple ones, perfect for the festival rush and quick re-do in the lady’s room.


If you are short on ideas, do not reach for flower crowns yet. As simple, easy and beautiful they may look, only go for fake plastic flowers if you absolutely have to. Better try out one of the trendy hairstyles listed below.

Among this year’s festival season hairstyle trends there are easy and natural hairstyles, that don’t take long to do and will look amazing on both your first and last day of the festival. From half-up-half-down styles to braids in the most unexpected places, you can all go crazy while not wasting your time sitting at the mirror. Crimping some sections of your hair will allow your hair to be a bit more voluminous and give some texture to it. While braiding your hair into braided rock ponytails will let you appear edgy and stylish without putting too much effort into your look. But for all the natural hair loving girls out there, henna colored hair is all the rage right now! Whether you want to go light or dark, henna will do the trick and will let you still adhere to your organic lifestyle philosophies.

Best accessories to keep you organized

No one wants to go to a festival with bags of stuff or worst yet suitcases full of makeup and hair accessories. So for this festival season, it’s time to familiarize yourself with something called minimalism. And it’s not hard either.

For example, ditch the expensive sea salt sprays found on the shelves at your local drugstore and instead fill a small spray bottle with salt diluted in water. It will leave your hair full of texture and volume, and you will get to spend the money you saved on tasty treats at the festival. Just make sure that you don’t use the salt spray every day as it will dry out your hair and will leave it damaged and brittle.

For styling, use Vaseline. This vegan-friendly jar will not only let you keep your toiletries to a minimum, but will also double as eye makeup remover, lip balm, and hairspray. While also letting your feet stay blister-free all festival-season long.

Lastly, a soft comb and a couple of elastics around your bobby pins will ensure that you will have your most essential hair styling tools handy, but will at the same time keep them in one place and from scattering in your festival bag.

Tips for face shape

Another festival hair pro tip is to keep your hairstyle suited for your face shape. And as silly as it sounds, the best way to do it is to use your hairstyle to reverse your natural face shape. For instance, if your face is oval and elongated, go for forehead covering styles like long bangs. Soften a rectangular face with curls and romantic up-dos. Go for a variety of the half-up-half-down style if you have a heart-shaped face. For round faces, go for asymmetrical styles. While if you are lucky enough to have an oval face shape you can basically choose any hairstyle and it will look good on you.

Waterproof it

To water-proof, your festival hairstyle, go for an up-do. Any up-do from simple buns to elaborate braided styles will withstand anything you throw at it from midnight swims in the ocean to surfing breaks between the sets of your favorite artists. However, if you prefer sleeker hairstyles as oppose to messy, boho-chic looks, I would suggest you go for tighter hairstyles that keep all of your hair out of your face and the hair together. These include double buns aka space buns, milkmaid braids as well as fishtail and French braids. Added bonus to these particular styles? After getting your hair wet, your hair will gain texture while it is drying in your chosen hairstyle. Hello, effortless and heat-less curls!

Keep it clean

When it comes to festivals, it is also a good idea to keep it clean. So stay away from hair gels, sprays, and oils. Just spray sugar or salt spray in your hair for some texture, and you will be able to survive those few days of the festival without washing your hair. But if you can’t go multiple days without washing your hair, try out the dry shampoo. It might not clean your hair like real shampoo does, but it will make your hair look clean and will give you that few extra days of the clean-looking day even if you haven’t showered for a while.


Finally, festival hairstyles are all about the hair accessories. And during the festival, anything goes. Linen cloth in your braids, tie-dye bandannas around your head, you name it and it will look fabulous.

All in all, a proper festival hairstyle is crazy, innovative and comfortable. It’s what you want it to be not what others expect it to be. So no matter if you go for a free-spirited curl, half-up-half-down style or a thigh up-do, keep it fun, add accessories and it will give off that special festival vibe. After all, festivals are for having fun, not feeling uncomfortable or not confident all through the day.

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