How to Decorate Your Beard for Christmas with Beard Lights?

Christmas is coming and even though there’s still a fair bit of time before it finally arrives, more and more people are starting to think about Christmas decorations. What can you do in addition to decorating a Christmas tree and putting something on your porch, however? Are there some interesting new trends that can help make you stand out at the Christmas party?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Beard fairy lights have been growing in popularity in the last several years but they are about to go even bigger this holiday season if Instagram is any indication. Christmas fairy lights for beards, as well as other facial hair decorations such as bells, Christmassy ornaments, fake snow, and others, can be an awesome way to contribute to the holiday spirit while also drawing quite a few eyes and smiles your way.

But let’s take a look at beard lights, in particular. A nice set of LED beard lights can be much more effective than several ornaments or bells. They are flashy, eye-catching, and extremely fun. They do require a fair bit of setup, however, and there are people with one or two safety concerns, so – let’s take a deeper look at Christmas beard lights as a decorative option for the holiday season.

What are Christmas beard lights, exactly?

Christmas beard lights are exactly what they sound like – a string of seemingly regular Christmas lights that can be intertwined with your beard hair, attached with simple bobby pins, and powered by a battery that can be hidden in your Christmas hat or your shirt’s collar. If the battery is powerful enough the last all night and if the lights are of high enough quality, this simple trick can – quite literally – turn you into the light of the party.

How to use Christmas beard lights to decorate your beard?

The one drawback most people find with fairy Christmas beard lights is that they can be a little annoying to set up. There are several steps to the whole process:

  1. Attach the lights carefully and evenly within your beard by clipping them to your facial hair with bobby pins (or whatever the lights have in their package). Make sure that all the lights are easily visible on the beard’s surface, as well as that they are well placed in a cool pattern – there’s no point having a bunch of lights underneath your beard where no one will be able to see them.
  2. Hide the power cable so that it’s not visible from most sides. How and where exactly you hide the cable will depend on your beard, the lights’ setup, and where you intend to hide the battery. The two most common hiding places for the battery pack are in a Christmas hat or in your shirt’s collar. However, if your beard is bushy enough, if the battery pack is small enough, and if it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for your, you can also hide some batteries inside the beard itself – it all depends on the model of the Christmas beard lights and on your own personal preferences. Additionally, there are some types of Christmas beard lights that come with their own Christmas hat or additional accessories.
  3. Make sure that every part of the power cord and every light bulb are working and are safe. As with normal Christmas lights, it’s important that your beard’s Christmas lights are safe and properly secured. The last thing you likely want in your beard are sparks.
  4. And that’s about it! From here, all you need to do is turn the lights on. Depending on the model, you may need to do different things to achieve that. In some cases, the lights can be turned on together via a simple switch on the battery pack. In other cases, you’ll need to switch every light bulb separately from the others which can be a bit tedious.

Are beard Christmas lights safe?

This is a perfectly understandable question to ask. After all, intertwining an electrical device throughout your facial hair doesn’t really sound like a smart thing to do from one point of view. And to be perfectly honest – of course, beard Christmas lights are not 100% safe. But then again – nothing is. Regular Christmas lights that are meant for tree decoration or for outdoor decoration aren’t safe either – they cause countless of fires every year.

However, just as with standard Christmas lights, beard Christmas lights are only unsafe when they are not used properly. If you’ve made sure that you’ve purchased a quality product, if you’ve carefully examined every light bulb and every section of the electrical cord, and if you’ve carefully arranged the lights according to their instructions – then they are going to be perfectly safe.

Oh, and – being careful not to spill liquids all over your beard while there’s an electrical current running through it is also a good idea.

Are there different types of Christmas beard lights?

There are many different kinds of Christmas beard lights on the market but they differentiate mostly in the type of bulbs they are using and their design, not in anything more significant than that. As with pretty much any other type of lighting, LED beard Christmas lights are typically the best because of the quality and efficiency they offer, but that’s mostly a matter of choice.

Just pick the beard lights you like the most, make sure they are of good enough quality, as well as that you’re comfortable with how and where the battery pack is meant to be hidden and you like the lights’ design overall.

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