Beard Ornaments You Should Try on This Christmas

Beard ornaments are in style this year as they have been for quite some time. If you haven’t tried decorating your glorious facial hair with equally glorious Christmas decorations before, this is your year to try it out! And if you have done it before, below we’ll list several ideas that you may not have thought of.

As for the skeptics, hopefully, by the end of this text, you will have realized how ridiculously awesome beard Christmas decorations actually are. Yes, they are preposterous, yes, they look so absurd that at first you may be stunned at how someone could have even thought about putting beard decorations on their face, and yes – if you have a festive bone in your body, you’ll grow to love them.

So what different types of beard Christmas ornaments are there? Let’s take a look.

Beard bells

Are you tired of listening to “Jingle Bells” every year? You won’t be if you can literally “jingle the Christmas bells” as you sing! Putting even just several colorful Christmas bells on your big, bushy beard can turn you into a spectacular and mobile Christmas tree that’s sure to get all the attention at the Christmas party.

Ornamental beard bells are easy to attach – just use their clamps to put them on your facial hair – and they are great fun to carry around. They can be taken off quite easily, they are unlikely to fall off and break if their clamps are good enough, and they are as fun to jingle as they are pretty to look at.

Beard Christmas lights

Another very popular option is Christmas lights. Similar to your Christmas tree’s lights, beard lights are colorful and strung together. Probably the flashiest option on this list, beard lights can be extremely effective, especially if the light at the party is somewhat dimmed.

They can be a bit tricky to put on, however. You’ll need to carefully hide the power cord in your beard so that as little as possible of it is visible. You’ll also want to hide the battery pack either in a Christmas hat or in your clothes. Additionally, there the slight safety issue of having electricity run through your facial hair all night long while you are at a party, likely pouring countless glasses of alcohol in your mouth.

Still, the award for all this trouble is more than spectacular. As long as you make sure that all the lights, the power cord, and the battery are all in a good condition, and that you install them properly, you’ll be able to turn yourself into the best possible Christmas decoration your friends and family will ever see.

Beard tinsel

Unlike the traditional, thick tinsel that goes on Christmas trees, you can use a thinner but just as awesome tinsel that’s designed for use on beards. It’s pretty much the same thing in terms of its design, look, and colors, and it can look outright amazing if you have the right big and bushy beard for it. It likely won’t sit too well on shorter beards, unfortunately, but you may still have enough time until Christmas to remedy that problem.

Additionally, just as with Christmas trees, tinsel works wonders when it’s used together with Christmas lights. That’s right, why settle for just one Christmas decoration when you can use two as well? The tinsel can also hide the power cords of the lights which is an additional benefit. If combined well, lights plus tinsel can turn your beard and your face into the most spectacular sight many of your friends and relatives have ever seen.

Beard baubles

As easy to attach as beard bells, beard baubles are a shine, simple, and fun way to decorate your beard for the holidays. They don’t jingle like beard bells, however, that can also be a benefit as the constant noise from the bells can get tiring after a while. Instead, beard baubles will just sit there and make you look awesome all night long.

Of course, it should be noted that beard baubles are much more fragile than beard bells as well – they can easily break not just if they fall but even just from a light knock from a glass or something like that. They’re not harmful unless a piece of a broken bauble somehow gets in your eye, however, it’s still unfortunate when they break.

Still, as long as you make sure that the baubles are attached to your beard well enough, as well as that you’re at least somewhat careful while you have them on, they should survive the night.

Beard glitter

Beard glitter is both the easiest and one of the more difficult Christmas decorations to use. On the one hand, glitter can be very complicated to remove once you’ve placed it on your beard and covered it with hair spray. On the other hand, unlike Christmas baubles, lights, tinsel, bells, or other decorations, glitter will stay safely on your beard throughout the night and won’t need any reattaching, it won’t fall off, and it won’t cause you any problems. Furthermore – if you’ve picked the right color and if you’ve applied it properly, beard glitter can be absolutely stunning to look at.

Custom beard ornaments

Of course, outside of these more traditional types of Christmas decorations, you can also use whatever else your imagination can come up with. Christmas sugar cones? Sure, why not! Mini Christmas socks for people at the party to put small presents in while you’re walking around? Who would say no to that? Various Christmas stars and toys? As long as you’ve attached them well enough and they are comfortable – you can go for it.

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